House of Lies Teasers: Marty Kaan, Man of Mystery

At the end of last season of House of Lies, the merger was thwarted thanks to an exchange between Monica and Marty, Roscoe decided to move in with Monica, and Jeannie hooked up with Marty...and nobody knows.


The teasers for the upcoming season of House of Lies indicate that there'll be talk around the office about Jeannie and Marty's little tryst. Clyde and Doug will, of course, be the most interested parties in finding out what "Daddy" did following the party in the first season finale, likely more bummed out that they didn't get a chance with Jeannie than the potential damage it'll do to their pod dynamic. Jeannie claims to be the smartest person in the room, which she can be fairly often; will she be able to smooth over any potential awkwardness with Marty for the sake of their bank accounts and professional reputations? Read More...


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