'Survivor: Philippines': Penner makes a deal, Artis whines and moans

When we last left "Survivor: Philippines," Dawson was sent packing and it was surprisingly not for being a Jeff Probst stalker. Let's see who goes home .... TONIGHT.KalabawKatie and Denise are sure Penner's got the Hidden Idol and they're a little nervous because their all-girl alliance is done. They think they've gotta make a play to blindside Jonathan. That would be pretty amazing, honestly. Penner is one of the most astute "Survivor" players, you have to get up pretty earlier to pull one over on him. TandangApparently Mike has been snacking on the dry rice and the tribe's supply is pretty depleted. Uh, dude -- what is wrong with you? I'm with his tribemates, he's being really irresponsible with the food. Also, have they not won any food when they've been winning challenges? Hmm. And is there nothing else to eat out there?Reward ChallengeIt's a grappling challenge that reminds us quite a bit of Atlasphere...



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