New Girl "Models" Review - Bromances and Boob Fights

This Tuesday night's episode of New Girl focused on friendship, specifically the relationships between Jess and Cece and Nick and Schmidt. This episode asks these characters a simple but universal question that all people confront at some point in their lives: "Why are we friends?" Especially after being friends with another person for over a decade, like both Jess and Cece and Nick and Schmidt have been, this concern is completely reasonable. With time, people change, and the reasons why you might have become friends with that person years ago may not be relative anymore. Do you still truly care about this person or is it a friendship purely based on history? New Girl allows its characters to tackle these issues in "Models," while still providing some great comedic moments. This episode was not the funniest one of New Girl's second season, but it definitely was the most heartfelt. Read More...


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