South Park Review: Gangnamstein

Well, I figured there was going to be a dud in the bunch eventually. This half of season 16 of South Park has been consistently of really good quality, but all good streaks come to an end. "A Nightmare on Face Time" is that glorious letdown.

This was really just a bland episode. Randy buys a Blockbuster, it winds up not drawing in any customers, he makes family stay there, he goes crazy, and tries to go The Shining on them. Meanwhile, Stan can't leave so he goes 'trick-or-treating' on an iPad with FaceTime, and winds up being treated as a real person in a way that no one even comments on. The absurdity just kind of fell flat. And people not recognizing Cartman as The Hulk was just too obvious. Him saying "CARTMAN SMASH!" at one point immediately before chickening out at the Redbox bandits was amusing. Read More...


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