Chicago Fire Season 1 Review “Professional Courtesy” – Dirty Cops And X-Rays

This episode of Chicago Fire focused more on the drama than the runs, but there was still a lot to take in. Let’s dive in!

Firehouse Runs

The first run deals with a young man, drunk behind the wheel. Due to his drinking at least half–if not all–of a six-pack of beer, he caused another car–containing a man and his boy–to topple over, nearly falling from the freeway onto the lower streets below. The squad get there and help the injured, but once Casey goes back to see about the drunk driver, he’s disappeared. Instead, we find out he’s the police detective’s son, and the evidence of his drinking has been cleaned up. Sadly, no cop will vouch for what Casey saw when it comes to the accident. We later find out the injured boy is paralyzed. Read More...


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