Supernatural Season 8 Review “Bitten” – Not Enough Sam and Dean

In this episode of Supernatural, called "Bitten," the boys stumble across the bloody aftermath of some kind of attack and find themselves part of a college film project.

It sucks when two of my favorite shows deliver episodes that I don’t love in the same week, but such is life. First I was disappointed by last night’s episode of NCIS: Los Angeles, and now I have to that unfortunately I was utterly bored by this episode of Supernatural.

I now finally understand those people who said they hated season 3?s "Ghostfacers." Personally I loved that episode, but I also adored those characters so I didn’t mind if they were on screen a lot. Besides, Sam and Dean were all over that episode. This one: not so much. I felt like I was watching a completely different show, with characters I didn’t know or like all that much. Sam and Dean showed up here and there, but way too briefly for my liking. Read More...


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Jun 6, 2016 2:45PM EDT

This ep was awful!!!!!!!

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