Arrow Season 1 Review “Lone Gunmen”

This week’s episode of Arrow, "Lone Gunmen," opens with Ollie in his Arrow getup trying to coerce another crooked millionaire on his list to make amends, only this time, his target is taken out by a sniper before he has a chance to issue his usual ultimatum.

Enter, Floyd Lawton, an assassin better known by his Interpol code-name, Deadshot. I’ve seen poisoneddarts and arrows a million times before, but this was the first time I’ve heard of a character poisoning bullets. You’d think the bullets would be effective enough on their own, but as we saw tonight, a poisoned bullet can be pretty useful if you’re an assassin.

As a villain, Deadshot fit right into the realistic world that Arrow has been developing. He seemed emotionally detached from the world and his attacks were violent and bloody. He’s an incredible sniper with a cool targeting lens, an awesome wrist-mounted gun, and an odd ritual of tattooing the names of his hits on his body. Still, Deadshot never comes off as overly gimmicky for a villain. Read More...


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