Parks and Recreation Review: Rent-a-Swag

While "Halloween Surprise" isn't my favorite episode of Parks and Recreation, it will go down in history as being one of the sweetest.  Who doesn't love a good proposal?  Especially from Ben and Leslie, who have had a deeply challenging long distance relationship for some time now.  Plus, who can forget when they broke up because it wasn't good for Leslie's campaign and it was against the rules?

I love a little angst when the payoff is so rewarding.  I just wish the rest of tonight's episode could have been as special.  Typically, during a Parks and Recreaton episode, I'm laughing at every other line.  Other than the "fart attack," which made me realize that no matter how old you are, farts are still funny, and Tom's "Rent-a-Swag," idea, this episode was a bit heavy on forward story motion and less on the small stories.  Read More...


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