disapointing show

well , it is me or at first that show looked ok , but the more further they go on the tv show the less i find them convincing , i mean whatever they try to debunk something they act in a simple way if they can rebuild an element of something then it has to be faked , like the cattle mutilation they said...

they should put older ppl instead of good looking young adults acting like they know everything about anything...

i'm disapointed , the show was looking somewhat good at first.

anyone wanting to debate?


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Jun 26, 2012 12:59PM EDT

This show is o.k but some of thier "recreations" makes me laugh and some they acctually believe is the cause like the gorilla being a bird LMAO, and in all the episodes its only the last few I see Ben teaming up with someone other then Jyel....hmm shes been giving him some on the side I think, they seem to be very glued to eachother, on cases shes not with him she looks so misserable, make me and they hubby laugh,.....I give this show a 2/5 some of it to ridiculous and a wasted of time and money "debuncking" things they have no clue over then saying they debunked it when in fact they hadnt....

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