Up All Night Review: Neighborhood Witch

Chris and Reagan were all laughs at the opening of this week's Up All Night as they poked fun at the hipster coffee shop patrons. As "Ma'am'd" rolled on though and Reagan took a spill, it was as if her rose colored glasses gotted knocked off.

Reagan went from relating to the young barista over Yeahsayer to feeling like she needed to be fitted for a new hip. She took the spill like a champ, but seemed a little thin skinned after Chris ignored her fedora flirtation.

Ava on the other hand was well within her rights to be angry with her neighbor's hateful Wifi name. I liked Sean Hayes's Walter a lot more this time around. His "hooray for second chances" line was very apropos in addition to being one of the better Up All Night quotes of the week. The best of which may have been his comment about Ma'am from Webster. Read More...



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