The Office Season 9 Review “Here Comes Treble”

On the inevitable Halloween-themed episode of "The Office," amusingly-titled "Here Comes Treble," we started with Dwight’s head literally stuck inside a jack-o-lantern, thus fulfilling what his actual head might well be used for if were separated from his body. (Someone should make a Dwight-o-lantern, stat.)

Naturally, everyone was dressed up- save Jim, who had a sketchy meeting to attend that didn’t bode well for his future, from the looks of things. Judging from his wife’s understandable reaction, it won’t be the happiest of Halloweens in the Halpert household. This may not end well, but it’s the final season, so hopefully they won’t get too heavy with things, with Jim’s family in the street & divorce impending! Because that would be, you know, kinda depressing. Hopefully, everyone in sitcom-land learned from "Seinfeld" and they’ll go for something a little more upbeat. Read More...


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