The Vampire Diaries Season 3 Review “The Rager” — In Which No Kittens Exploded, Thankfully

In ‘The Rager’, Connor attempts to enlist Jeremy as a vampire hunter, Original Becky tries to make friends by throwing a party, and Elena gets her bitch on by…uh, doing a handstand on a beer keg. Things get a bit darker when Elena finds herself infected with werewolf venom and Klaus realises Connor is ‘one of the five’.

Alright, hands up, who’s tired of Elena’s transition to full-vampire-badass already? I’ve never been a fan of Elena, but I think it might actually be possible that I dislike Vamplena even more. As Stefan so helpfully pointed out, becoming a vampire helped Caroline grow into herself. Well, see, it turns out fully grown Caroline is awesome. Fully grown Vamplena looks to be just as annoying as ever.

Of course, Stefan doesn’t quite see it this way. After giving Vamplena a good time (get your minds out of the gutter, dear reader!), he starts to emo about how he can’t have a good time with her because apparently riding motorbikes will turn him into Stefanus again. I don’t even know. At this point I just want him and her to ride off into the vampire sunset and stop hogging airtime. Read More...


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