Fringe Season 5 Review “The Bullet that Saved the World”

Well, this one day old article is now completely moot.

One of the great things about this TV season is all of the bold moves across the dial. In a time where the viewing populace has grown accustomed to television shows doing things along a similar pace, many shows are taking great efforts to surprise their audience. Fringe’s surprise move was to put an end to Etta’s time with us. While I was admittedly surprised by the decision, it’s not quite the catastrophic move that the show wants us to believe that it is. Ultimately, Etta’s death only matters in the context of how it will affect her parents. Peter’s look at the end of the episode would seem to indicate a dark turn in his character. Taking the show to a darker place would be quite welcome. As much as we may want it to be different, trying to usurp the uber-powerful overlords is going to be difficult to execute without getting your hands a little dirty. Read More...


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