X-men as it could have been...

As the title hints at, heroes is based upon a group of people with mutated DNA giving them extraordinary powers such as self-propelled flight, telekinesis and time-travelling. With an amazing cast it has become a hit in almost every country where it is aired, attracting a huge worldwide audience.

The first series centres around a select group of "heroes" who start out as ordinary people until they discover they can do amazing things. The key message through this series is "save the cheerleader, save the world", a cryptic message brought to the heroes by a man from the future. As we watch the characters develop in personality and come to grips with their powers, they come together to prevent a trajedy in New York series. The first series ended, as do all the episodes, on a cliffhanger with many questions posed, enchanting the audience and consistently bringing them back for the next episode.

Series 2 begins 4 months after the events of series 1, reintroducing the old and loved heroes as well as a small handful of new heroes with different abilities. Currently almost halfway through, this series centres around preventing a horrific future from coming to be, with heroes unsure who or what to believe as truths of past mistakes come to light...

A truly gripping and thrilling show, it is not to be missed and once hooked you will keep coming back for more!


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