Merlin Series 5 Review “Another’s Sorrow” — Magic, Magic Everywhere

‘Another’s Sorrow’ was an important episode of Merlin. While the first three episodes of the series were fantastic, some of the strongest in the show’s run so far, they only showed that Arthur had become a king the people of Camelot could believe in. This week, one of Arthur’s biggest enemies got to see just how great he has the potential to be. We even got a bit of progress with Merlin, though that was a little less awesome.

This episode saw Morgana and her man of the week — King Odin, this time — take over King Rodor’s lands and set a plan in motion which would lead to Arthur’s demise. It was quite simple; Rodor’s daughter Princess Mithian would go to Camelot and convince Arthur to save her father, thereby leading him into a trap. Morgana, disguised as ‘Hilde’, an old servant, would accompany her. Read More...


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