Downton Abbey Series 3 Episode 7 Review — Love Hurts

Two of the lesser issues of this series so far finally bubbled to the surface in this week’s Downton Abbey. Upstairs, things came to a head between Matthew and Robert, with Matthew all but telling Robert that he wasn’t suitable to run the estate. Thanks to the old foreman quitting and Violet’s quest to keep the family happy and together, it wasn’t long before a suitable replacement was found: Branson. Downstairs, O’Brien’s scheming finally paid off when a misguided Thomas kissed Jimmy and was spotted by Alfred, who then told Carson what he had seen.

Also this week: Bates arrived back at Downton. Edith finally got around to accepting the columnist job, even if not all of her family were pleased. Branson’s brother came to stay and made the Crawley’s slightly comfortable with his dislike of their lifestyle. Alfred finally got Ivy to go out on a date with him, the pair getting on quite well despite her insistence that she doesn’t want to ‘lead him on’. Ethel was upset after a nasty encounter in the town, leading the Crawley women to come up with a plan to find her work somewhere where she can have a fresh start. Read More...


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