Once Upon a Time Season 2 Review “The Doctor” – It’s Alive!!

Just this afternoon, my friend and I were discussing the preview for "The Doctor," this week’s episode ofOnce Upon a Time. She predicted that the big reveal about Dr. Whale’s identity would be that he was the infamous Dr. Frankenstein. I said it was a neat idea, but I wasn’t sure if Frankenstein counted as a fairy tale.

Well, she was right and I was wrong and I am not ashamed to admit it.

As it turned out, Dr. Whale wasn’t from the Enchanted Forest or Wonderland or Neverland or even the real world. He existed in another land, an as yet undefined land, accessible only by Jefferson’s magic hat. Teaming up with Jefferson, Frankenstein came to the Enchanted Forest looking for a magical heart to reanimate the corpse of his brother. Who has a bunch of hearts handy? Why, Regina, in the early days of her quest to accquire the power necessary to bring back her lost love, Daniel. Read More...



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