The Good Wife Season 4 Review “Waiting for the Knock”

This episode of The Good Wife was pretty standard fair, but it was solidly executed. Eli couldn’t stop the affair story. Maddie is still acting suspiciously. Alicia and Co. helped a drug dealer. I enjoyed "Waiting for the Knock" and it set up a few interesting story points for next week.

A few thoughts about "Waiting for the Knock":

It’s never been easy for me to understand how some people are able to justify knowingly working for drug dealers. They tell themselves that they only handle the "legitimate businesses," but even if you only work on the legitimate businesses, you’re still assisting dangerous people to do dangerous things. That’s the situation Alicia and Diane found themselves in this week. In the case of the week, a drug dealer, Amad Bishop, called on the firm after his accountant was arrested. Bishop was concerned because he didn’t know whether the Feds were going after his legit businesses or, more likely, his drug businesses. He had Diane and Co. to handle his legit businesses and another firm to handle his drug business. With a little help from Clarke, the firm discovered that one of Bishop’s lieutenants was mixing legit business with the drug business and they thought that’s what the trouble was. Read More...


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