Friday Night Dinner Series 2 Review “The New Car”

It’s another manic week on Friday Night Dinner, with episode four ‘The New Car’ departing further from reality than the show ever has before. With dad on a new diet and Jim celebrating Wilson’s birthday, things at the house get bizarrely, hilariously, weird.

We start with the revelation that Martin has been put on a special diet because of high cholesterol and he’s enlisted his sons to smuggle in forbidden food. There’s plenty of humor to be wrung out of this now everyday situation (this has happened in my own house, for example) and, if you don’t enjoy the sight of Martin biting into a triangle of brie while sitting on the toilet, you’ll appreciate the slightly contrived way in which he’s found out in the end. Apart from this, there’s also the collective disappointment of being without ‘crimble crumble’ on a Friday night, and the violent reaction to a fruit salad alternative. Read More...


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