Revenge Season 2 Review “Forgiveness” – It’s Not Always Divine

I had a sinking suspicion that Amanda’s medical crisis might somehow reveal that she isn’t who she claims to be. In this week’s episode of Revenge, "Forgiveness," tabloid trash reporter Mason Treadwell reappeared in the wake of Kara Clarke’s resurrection looking smugger than ever, but by the end of the episode he had an even bigger scoop than he could have imagined.

Baby Boy Porter has a name: Carl, after Jack’s deceased father. He seems to be doing well, but then so does his mother, surprising given how far she fell, where she landed and how much blood spilled onto Victoria’s marble floor. I was more than a little surprised to see her up and about and back to normal so soon. It was one of the times I felt I needed to suspend my disbelief more than usual.

The theme of the night was forgiveness, not a little ironic given the name and the plot of the entire show. Kara desperately wanted the woman she thought was her daughter to forgive her, not only for letting her believe that she was dead, but for the attempt on her life that put her in a mental institution. On the pretense of just being Amanda’s friend, Emily was able to admit that she wants to forgive her mother, but given the shadowy details regarding her mother’s involvement with the white-haired man, that’s understandably hard for her. Read More...


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