Somethings wrong with most of the links

Somethings wrong with most of the links, for one they all seem to go back to, and I keep getting an error message from the shi##y player that, in my case has hardly ever worked when I've tried to play videos from their web player.



Large newrachelimage
Jan 29, 2009 4:55PM EST

Hey DosSin. I just checked out some of the ABC links and they seem fine to me. The player takes a little while to load, but once up, is working for me.Are you located in the US and do you have the proper Move plug-in installed (they should prompt you to download it if you don't)? Also do you have a reasonably new machine/fast internet connection because it's definitely one of the more complex players which I think won't work well without a pretty powerful machine and fast connection (for example, on a 4 year old laptop of mine, it crashes it every time).

Feb 3, 2009 5:09PM EST

Well I have a Powerbook G4, pretty fast internet connection, and I do have the plug-in, but it does load like 85% percent of the time just no video and the sound is there. The other 15% of the time it just stops downloading (icon stops spinning) and when it does play the video kinda sucks, and seems out of sync to me. Kind like Megavideo. I just try to find my videos somewhere other then network sites. I just hate it when the links just go straight to the site I'm trying to avoid. That's all. Thanx RachelL!

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