Homeland Recap: The Ball Game Is Over

"Q&A", which unfolds mostly in and around an interrogation room, is my second favorite episode of Homeland to date, after "The Weekend." It might be the most significant in terms of story, because it brings Marine-turned-Congressman Nicholas Brody’s character arc to a screeching halt and makes him really look at himself for the first time since his return to the United States. It’s about undoing damage and healing grievous wounds. It’s harrowing, moving, and ultimately inspiring, because it’s about a man realizing he’s tired of running and hiding — that telling the truth is not just healthier than living a lie, it’s a hell of a lot less exhausting. As Brody arrives at this realization, the agent of change, Carrie Mathison, is going through some of the same emotional processes herself while questioning him, and making some extraordinary and undoubtedly true admissions along the way – that "You broke my heart, you know," and that she still loves him so much that she wants him to leave his wife and kids to be with her. Read More...



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