It seems Kitt is head for the Junkyard

Well it looks like Kitt's going to be scraped with stripper pole Billy slid down in the last episode. Billy's off with Zoe looking for his supposed PHD and her acting ability. And yes I'm talking about the episode after the retooling, where Mike, Zoe and Billy where you kinda believe that Mike is Mike and Billy is Dr. Frank-N-Furter from The Rocky Horror Picture lol. And she looks up at Billy at one point and it just seemed weird, it was just off setting it was just weird. And Mike and Sarah ran off to her dungeon so she could strap him down to a chair and dress up as a dominatrix and whip him some more. So I'm kinda intrested if anyone one's going to miss this show? I know I'm gonna miss staring at Sarah, thats for sure, DAMN!


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Mar 9, 2009 4:41PM EDT

I will, but not because of the actors.I miss the tech-car that's been excised from Bond, so KR was my weekly high tech car fix.Unfortunately that's gone.I'm hoping someone picks it up, but at least decides to put some decent writers, instead of the morons that write for it now.Maybe, KITT could become a dodge challenger (that would be quite an intimidating KITT), now that Pontiac is basically a dead man hobbling off his last steps.Not to say, of course, that Chrysler itself is that much better, but at least the Dodge Challenger as better styling than anything that Pontiac has yet supplied in the last few years.

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