Dexter Recap: Squeeze Play

Forgive me for sounding like a broken record, but how good is this season so far? All the tension between Dexter and Debra, along with his slow, inevitable march toward finally being exposed as a serial killer, is really paying off. Dexter’s strained relationship with his sister/boss is still the focal point of the drama, but as the supporting story lines rise to the surface, each one contributes to the vicelike squeeze Dexter finds himself in. (Well, except for Quinn. Would anyone — cops, Eastern Bloc strippers, or us — care if Isaak trades paying him off for bumping him off?)

One thing that’s been missing has been memorable rants from Deb and Masuka, of the four-letter and X-rated varieties, respectively. Masuka still hasn’t reeled off any outstanding pervy lines, but while Deb’s done her fair share of cursing at her brother, she’s in particularly rare form in this episode. After LaGuerta reveals she’s convinced Doakes wasn’t the Bay Harbor Butcher, Deb unleashes what we’ll call the Great Elevator Meltdown. Read More...


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