Hart of Dixie 2.05 "Walkin' After Midnight" Recap

Much of the second season of Hart of Dixie has focused on the various relationship permutations on the show. There have been enough new friends, new frenemies, and new situations to go around, so it's only fitting that the Halloween episode finds everything going a little topsy-turvy. It may just be something in the air during this time of year, but what you thought you knew about the couplings on Hart of Dixie is tested during "Walkin' After Midnight". Did everybody make it out okay or do we have any new combinations of BlueBell folks joining forces?

Playing with Your MindZoe has been noticing a series of strange happenings around her home. On nights that she's spent with Wade, she's come home to find her previously made bed a mess, a sock in the underwear drawer, and a toothbrush in her bathroom; she thinks that it's just Wade trying to play a prank on her, but he doesn't know a thing about it. Later that day, she invites him over to install a security camera so she can catch whoever's been in her place, which turns out to be George Tucker sleepwalking. He thought that he got rid of the disorder when he was 9, although recently ending up at the gas station in his underwear might have been a sign that it had returned. Zoe decides to come over to the houseboat that evening to run an EEG on him and watch him sleep in order to determine the cause of the sleepwalking and where exactly he goes while he does it. If George doesn't get help for the disorder, particularly while living near the water, it could have dangerous consequences, so he agrees to the test. Read More...



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