if not human - what else?

It may be an off topic discussion... But still. It bugs me a little and Maybe someone has an answer for me...

(This is purely theoretical and ment, well for discussion =) )

We're human. We call ourself "humans" when we talk about our species. Well, in the TV-show the Aliens are called the V's. Well it's the Name the humans gave them a couple of weeks ago when they officially "landed" on earth. In the story the V's have been long before that on earth.(THey didn't know the people on earth would call them the Vs) And yet, when they show privat conversations of the V's where they call themselfes the V's. But usually one would't change their habit of calling themself ... (i don't know how they call themself- that's my point!) just because someone else does . Especially when they haven't got much contact with humans, because the V's just got their visas few hours ago.. Pretty much The only thing officially connecting them with earth were the news.

They're not humans. They have to have a name for their species, don't they? And isn't it weird not to use that name among themselfes?



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Nov 18, 2009 3:02PM EST

I was thinking that, and when Erica went into the monitoring room you could see they have their own language so surely they'd have a name for themselves.

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Nov 18, 2009 8:49PM EST

The V's are Reptilian humaniods if you have seen the orgininal
They have been on earth for years infiltrating all sorts of government and their effects can be seen throughout history. The original was actually a movie based on the conspiracy theory that aliens or some type of entity controls the world from the shadows (ie sleeper cells) to help outside reptilian/aliens to control us.

Personally I dont think that the conspiracy theory is meant to be taken literally but it is meant to make people aware of the fact that yes there are cabals trying to run the world (they arent aliens obviously) but they are hiding it inside of an interesting story.
Do a search on the reptilian conspiracy on google or youtube.

Jan 4, 2011 6:07PM EST

In episode one, Erica mentions that the aliens calls themselves the visitor's. Anna chose this name for her people. Additionally by continuing to use the name V among themselves it trains them mentally to use the name V when encountering humans. Finally their own name for their species would be in there language which linguistically would be difficult to translate to any earth-borne language.

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Mar 25, 2011 8:31PM EDT

To be honest, I never watched this show, didn't really like the first one, so why would I try a second hand remake? The only reason I'm commenting here is this: Why do writers these days copy old shows instead of making all new ones? Are they that lost that their minds can't see anything but reruns? Maybe they should train a few that didn't spend all day, every day watching TV. I'd really like to see a whole season of new, interesting shows come out, but I'm in my late 50's and think I'll die first..lol.

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