Face Off Season 3 “Immortal Enemies” Review – It’s The Finale!

Season three of Face Off is drawing to a close, and for the first time in Face Off history, America decides who wins it all. The money, the Makeup Forever Lecture, and the car… everything is at the mercy of America.

This was a very bad decision, SyFy.

I am not one to enjoy America having the final say in any reality show – the results are always weighed and things turn into a popularity contest instead of America choosing based on true talent. I’m hoping that the results of Face Off will be different. Prove me wrong, America!

That said, let’s talk about what America is voting for. The final three contestants: Laura, Nicole, and Derek all have to create two original makeup designs – one that is a demon sent to take over the world, and two the good witch tasked with sending the creature back to hell. While they have free reign with the demon, the witch needs to draw from an element. Read More...



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