Cuckoo (BBC) Review “The Wedding”

Maybe none of us were expecting it, but what better way to end the first series of Cuckoo than with another wedding? Finding out that the ceremony they had in Thailand wasn’t actually legally binding, Cuckoo and Rachel decide to do it all over again with their friends and family in attendance, making this finale, ‘The Wedding’, a final test of Ken’s patience.

We’ve seen over the last few weeks that Ken has been thawing out around the subject of his new son-in-law, but Steve well and truly has it in for Cuckoo after his marriage was ruined last week. Of course, with Ken refusing to be best man at the wedding, an ever naive Cuckoo recruits one of the only other men he knows, and sets off on his stag do with Ken, Dylan and Steve in tow. I loved that the jacket potato van got one final outing as their mode of transportation to Liverpool, even if I wish they’d done something more interesting with it over the last five weeks. Read More...


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