Happy Endings Season 2 Review “Sabado Free-Gante”

Another episode of the most joke-dense sitcom on the air, Happy Endings, ‘Sabado Free-Gante’, sees Penny and Jane shop for cars, Max coaching Brad in how to be unemployed, and Dave and Alex shopping badly for a new apartment together.

First though, we get a pseudo-Halloween opener with the gang dressed as a Jackson Five marionette band. The show does these short bursts of funny so well, and the already surreal nature of the holiday just offers up so many ridiculous opportunities for comedy. It’s too bad the group didn’t think about how they would get out of the apartment before they dressed up, however, as they have to settle for drinking unanimous beers in the apartment. This brings us to the next morning, when Max is dismayed at the budget cuts Brad and Jane have had to make. Read More...



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