Vegas (CBS) Season 1 Review “Solid Citizens”

I think it’s fairly safe to say that Vegas is probably my new favorite show of this season. The characters’ layers are slowly being revealed, and the inevitable confrontation between the White Hat and the Black Hat is on a slow boil.

A few thoughts on "Solid Citizens":

The case of the week was the kidnapping of a gaming commission member’s nine-year-old son. Ralph and Co. initially thought that Savino may have had something to do with it, but during the course of theinvestigation they discovered that the commissioner’s brother-in-law had actually arranged the kidnapping. Some rather unsavory people paid him a bribe to fast track their gaming licenses, and when he couldn’t deliver, they were planning to kill him. He came up with the scheme to pay them their bribe money back. Needless to say, nothing worked out the way they planned. The little boy was returned safe and sound to his parents, all but one of the kidnappers ended up dead and the brother-in-law got arrested. Read More...


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