Law and Order SVU Season 14: Kelli Giddish and Lindsey Pulsipher On Playing Sisters

Law and Order: SVU becomes a family affair with this week’s episode "Friending Emily." Amanda Rollins gets a surprise visit from her sister, Kim, but both have problems that need to be worked out. TV Equalswas able to learn more about the episode during a conference call featuring Kelli Giddish, who plays Amanda, and guest star Lindsay Pulsipher, who plays Kim in the episode.

What to expect

Part of the overview Giddish gave for the episode involves both kidnapping and the the sudden reappearance Amanda’s sister.

"Well, in the primary…story line for ‘Friending Emily’ an older sister drags a younger sister out, and because one of the sisters is kind of irresponsible, [she] doesn’t step up to the plate when she should," said Giddish. "[H]er little sister ends up getting kidnapped by this really high tech, you know perpetrator. So, you know it’s about, you know stepping up to the plate for your family when you need to be there. And I think you see Amanda for her sister… a storyline that very much reflects and mirrorsthat primary storyline, and you get to see the reunion also. You know, I guess [the reunion] a spoiler alert, but…I think it also mirrors it. Read More...


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