Sons of Anarchy Season 5 Review “Ablation” — The Truth Sets Gemma More Free Than She’d Like

In ‘Ablation’, the Sons of Anarchy deal with the aftermath of last week’s episode. Gemma’s distraught at the thought of telling Jax and Tara the truth — that she crashed because she was high. Clay covers for her and tells Jax that she was forced off the road by the same guys that shot at him and Chibs, a lie which comes back to bite Gemma in the ass when Jax and Tara learn the truth and cut her out of their lives.

Events take an even worse turn when Frankie Diamonds takes Nero and Lyla hostage to lure out Jax (along with Chibs and Bobby). Nero gives him the money he’s asking for to diffuse the situation, and Frankie leaves — bringing Chibs with him, but not before he shoots Lyla in the thigh. Later, he leaves Chibs unconscious on the side of a road after chickening out on killing him. Read More...


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