Criminal Minds Season 8 Review “The Good Earth”

Tonight’s episode of Criminal Minds, "The Good Earth", started with an opening scene of a classicCriminal Minds misdirect. We see an attractive girl running through a forest, only for her to be surprisedby a shady looking guy in a sweater. The intense music and frenetic camera work was supposed to make us think she was being chased, but surprise! She was just a personal trainer on a jog with her client! However, her client suddenly gets all woozy and crashes his car, and then he’s abducted by a mysterious shadowy figure!

After the team makes their way to Oregon, they look into the suspicious disappearance of Terry Rodgers. I was a little surprised that they never thought to accuse the personal trainer for the disappearance, even after finding out that the Unsub was a woman, as she was athletic and the last person to see Rodgers. Read More...


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