Arrow Season 1 Review “An Innocent Man”

Last week’s cliffhanger ending took an unexpected turn at the start of this week’s episode of Arrow, "AnInnocent Man." As we had seen last week, Dig came out of his poison induced haze and saw Ollie as theArrow. Instead of being relieved to see Oliver safe and sound, Dig reacted from his moral center and took a swing at Oliver, calling him a criminal and a murderer. Where one might have expected a guy like Dig to immediately be on board with Oliver’s mission to fight the wealthy criminal elite, Dig rejects Oliver’s ideology and walks out on him entirely.

For a moment there, I was not sure if Oliver would kill or threaten Dig to keep his secret identity safe. I want to believe that Ollie wouldn’t attack an innocent man, but he isn’t exactly emotionally stable and we’ve seen him kill lower level thugs for the sake of his secret before. If he believed that his mission was more important than any single person, what would he be willing to do to protect that?

I’m happy that Dig did end being more important to Ollie than his secret identity and that Dig was conflicted about turning Ollie in right away. Dig immediately quit his job as Ollie’s bodyguard, but as we saw from his dialogue with his sister-in-law, he had already been struggling to find the value in putting his life on the line for wealthy brats. Read More...


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