Supernatural Season 8 Review “Blood Brother” – Benny Has Unfinished Business

In this episode of Supernatural, called "Blood Brother," Dean goes to help an old friend in trouble and Sam relives some of the year that he took off from the life of a hunter.

I have to say that the more we learn about Benny, the more intriguing he becomes as a character. Did I expect him to be a complete monster? No, not really. I didn’t think that Dean would ever learn to trust someone like that, so it stood to reason that there had to be more to Benny’s story than we were getting at first. I did find it interesting though that not even Dean knew about the exact circumstances of Benny’s death and that the reason he gave up a life of live blood was for love. You’d think that would be something they would have already talked about but I guess battling Leviathan in Purgatory doesn’t leave much time for big heart-to-hearts. Read More...


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