New Girl "Halloween" Review - Haunted House Havoc

Last night's episode of New Girl, appropriately titled "Halloween," had a lot of great moments, but I feel like the individual scenes did not come together for me as well as well they have in past New Girl episodes this season. However, before I get into the particulars about this specific episode, let me be honest about one minor thing: I do not like Halloween. For some reason, not exactly sure why, this holiday and I have never really clicked. I'm more of a Christmas guy, so perhaps my certain disdain for this day may have tainted my usual enjoyment of New Girl.

Anyway, back to the episode, which had four pretty evenly split plots: Jess's newly found feelings for Sam, Nick's reconvening with his college crush, Amelia, Schmidt's attempts at ruining Robbie and Cece's relationship, and Winston and Shelby's breakup. The strongest of these storylines is Jess's, because we get to learn more about Sam as a character (He's a doctor! He's great with kids!) and we also receive an awesome performance from Zooey Deschanel. Within twenty short minutes, we see Jess start to really fall for this guy (like she always ends up doing) and worry about how he'll feel. Deschanel sells every single moment of this episode and absolutely nails the scene where Sam says "no" to her proposal of a real relationship; Another chance at love and happiness for Jess has been squandered, leaving her single again (until she and Nick get together at the end of this season. I'm calling it now), and the hopelessness and disappointment etched across Deschanel's face during this, even underneath all the zombie makeup, is absolutely brilliant. Read More...


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