New Girl Recap: Jess Likes Sam

Like so many of us, the New Girl writers love bad old pop music and college flashbacks. So of course when Nick and his freshman crush Amelia finally wound up in bed last night, the song playing softly in the background was Sheryl Crow’s 1995 hit "Strong Enough." You know: "Lie to me, I promise I’ll believe." Sure, it could have been a throwaway period detail, a bit of scene-setting not unlike Nick’s ratty Baja hoodie. But hear me out, folks: I think it was something more. I think that song contains the key to last night’s episode.

Because here’s the thing: Last night, all of our principle characters were lying—not to other people, but to themselves. Nick, Jess, Winston, Schmidt, and Cece are each as knowingly self-deluded as Sheryl in that song. Listen, I know it sounds dubious, but the lady dated Lance Armstrong for years, so obviously she knows a thing or two about not being honest. Read More...


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