'American Horror Story: Asylum': Waiting to be scared over here

"American Horror Story" has had three episodes now to wow us in Season 2 and honestly, we're not feeling it. It certainly is disturbing and that's it's own thing -- maybe it's enough for some viewers -- but it's not enough so far for us. In the episode that aired on Halloween, there was the opening scene Bloody Face fake-out that actually had us rolling our eyes instead of being frightened. Back in the sanitarium, Sister Jude being haunted by the little girl she killed (or maybe didn't kill, the newspaper said "disappeared") is intriguing, but not creepy enough. And even though Lange is stellar, the drunken meltdown was mostly just funny. Dr. Arden is certainly an upsetting character, particularly when he was going to rape Shelley and then when she woke up with amputated legs. His creatures that live in the woods are also mildly interesting, but their big reveal wasn't scary either. It's...



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