Suburgatory 2.03 "Ryan's Song" Recap

Sometimes it's nice to know that somebody's there. Even the most secure, attachment-free individual can find a sense of comfort in not being alone or in having someone confirm their feelings through their actions. The world can be a scary, lonely place these days and if you don't have to go through it alone, it can make all the difference in the world. On tonight's episode of Suburgatory, Tessa found the value in someone answering her cry for help, while Dallas and George discovered that not every first date needs to be equipped with bells and whistles.

First Date JittersAfter agreeing to go on her first date with George at the Halloween party last week, Dallas is dealing with the nerves that come at the beginning of any new relationship. Things are changing for her and even though it's for the better, it's taking her a bit to adjust to the idea of seeing George in the same way that he sees her. The day of the date, Dallas and Dalia get a beauty regiment to die for - all mud masks and manicures to up Dallas' confidence for later. Dalia gives her mother a compliment that surely helps her mindset, rattling off a (genius) list of what George lacks that Dallas' other boyfriends didn't before informing her that he's the one that should be nervous. Read More...


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