'30 Rock' Recap: 'Choosing Is No Longer A Sin'

This week's NBC Thursday night lineup was more or less cancelled thanks to Hurricane Sandy, which presented a problem for "30 Rock," since this pre-election episode probably wouldn't have played too well post-election. So to Wednesday night they went with the big election arc conclusion. It was an occasionally confusing -- but generally heartwarming episode -- in which Kenneth votes by eagle and Liz tries and fails to drink scotch. "Wiki-what?!" you say? Let's recap.

Liz and Jack spent the episode trying to convince Jenna to side with their respective candidates, which Jenna was fine with since Jenna would be fine with anything that revolves around her completely. After a bunch of go-rounds, Liz and Jack concluded that even after six years, neither has rubbed off on the other (you wish, you pervert). In the first Jenna-ral debate, Jack more or less crushed Liz by appealing to Jenna's vested interests (getting cast for all parts in all movies and not having to take pictures next to Scarlett Johansson and Blake Lively, who support Obama). Liz unsuccessfully tried a sentimental approach -- vote Obama to support arts programs so children know how to appreciate Jenna's talent, and so old men in suits behind closed doors can't tell her what to do with her body (which Jenna is just intrigued by, sexually). Young Shauna Alfred, budding capitalist, inadvertently changed Jack's mind after he realized that by following through on his plan, Jenna was presented as a viable role model. As a result of following Jenna's lead, Shauna realized she could save money by just buying implants rather than going to business school, and having seen one future thus ruined, Jack took a page from Liz's book and decided not to have Jenna endorse Mitt because "no one deserves to live in Jenna's America." Yet to prevent Jack from succeeding, Liz borrowed his manipulative tactics and got Jenna kicked off Twitter by hacking into her account and having Tracy post offensive tweets. It seems the two have rubbed off on each other after all. Perverts. Read More...



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