Vegas 'Solid Citizens' Recap

This week’s Vegas seemed to stress the face that everyone, Sheriff and mobster alike, has a heart.  Tuesday night we finally got to meet Vincent Savino’s wife Laura, and saw what happens in Vegas when greed gets out of hand.

After speaking to a local, Mormon banker regarding funding for The Tumbleweed, Savino welcomed his wife to The Savoy, where she got the royal treatment and greeting from every staff member.  It’s obvious that the Savinos’ marriage is less than perfect, with the lingering looks and tentative suggestions.  Vincent, under pressure from the banker to present a good family image, pushes for Laura to move out to Las Vegas, but she’s no fool.  Clearly, Laura knows of her husband’s questionable business practices and isn’t quite comfortable breaking the "arrangement" that they have.  She points out his hand injury, not looking like she believes his story of a broken champagne bottle, muses over the feeling of being courted, and honestly adds, "there are things that you have to do and things that I don’t need to see." Read More...


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