The League Season 4 Review “The Breastalyzer”

This week’s "The League," amusingly entitled "The Breastalyzer," benefitted enormously from a tighter focus on the main plot, which mostly centered on Kevin and Jenny’s newfound roles as parents, and the trials and tribulations that come with it. Well, that, and having crazy relatives.

In this case, the two main aforementioned crazy relatives were Kevin’s mother (Julia Duffy, sheer passive/aggressive perfection) and the always-welcome Raffi (Jason Mantzoukas), aka Ruxin’s brother-in-law. With Kevin’s mother keeping a close watch on Jenny, who’s now free to party with the boys again, she found herself stifled once again when mom insists on her staying sober for the sake of the baby, specifically in terms of her breast milk, which led mom to test Jenny with the titular- pun definitely intended- item. Or as Andre put it: "You’re getting a BUI!" Read More...


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