Wreck-It Ralph is the best video game movie since Last Starfighter

By Charlie Jane Anders

The history of video game movies is a pretty inglorious one, with a higher proportion of awfulness than almost any other genre, except maybe Rapture movies. There’s been Tron, there’s been Last Starfighter, and maybe one or two others. But given how much great storytelling there is in games, it’s weird that Hollywood has been so weak in harnessing that potential.

Which is why Wreck-It Ralph is such a welcome change — it’s a really nifty animated film that does for video games what Toy Story did for toys. Minor spoilers ahead…

And yes, minor spoilers means "minor." Seen the trailer? You’re fine.

I’ve you’ve seen the trailers, you probably already know the basic story of Wreck-It Ralph. Basically, there’s a 30-year-old 8-bit video game called Fix-It Felix Jr., where a Donkey Kong-esque lout named Ralph destroys an apartment building, Rampage-style, and then the player controls Fix-It Felix Jr., who repairs it with his magic hammer. But after 30 years of being a video-game villain and getting treated like dirt by the people whose homes he destroys, Ralph is sick of it. He wants to be a good guy in his own right, and have people admire him the way they do Felix. So Ralph goes on a quest to find the approval he needs, through a couple very different video games. Read More...



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