Supernatural Sneak Peek: Dean's Not Happy About 'New Bobby'

This week's Supernatural ended on a bit of a cliffhanger that will likely explode in next week's episode.  Dean called in Sam as back-up when he and Benny ran into some trouble while going after Benny's sire.  In the final moments of "Blood Brothers", Sam and Dean's new vampire BFF came face-to-face in a very tense first meeting that nearly resulted in Sam making a move against Benny.  But Dean put the kibosh on any "kill Dean's new monster friend" plan Sam might have had and Benny - recognizing the tension between the brothers - made himself scarce.

Sometimes it takes a while for Sam and Dean to really air their grievances against one another, but we'll be treated to a Winchester brother confrontation in the upcoming episode.  Garth returns when the brothers roll into town to investigate some strange deaths and we learn that an "avenging ghost" is the culprit here.  Whether the ghost actually possesses Sam and Dean or not, the two of them appear to have an argument about keeping secrets and how they spent their year apart (watch a preview).  Sam accuses Dean of keeping Benny a secret while Dean accuses Sam of leaving him in Purgatory for "a girl".  No matter the outcome, this confrontation needs to happen sooner rather than later. Hopefully they'll be able to reconnect once everything is out in the open.  Meanwhile, it turns out that Garth has taken over Bobby's duties (and some of his catch phrases), which doesn't exactly please Dean, who is still torn up over his surrogate father's death. 

Watch a sneak peek below for the November 7 episode of Supernatural airing at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.  Browse through photos for the episode here.

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