Watch Dexter!!!

Gossip Girl #1 on Sidereel? Give me a break. I watched 3 episodes of season 1 and it was one big yawn. Yet, it is still #1 on sidereel's popularity charts after a phenomenal episode of Dexter last Sunday. I think people should turn to a more entertaining and amusing show like Dexter rather than....Gossip Girl? ew!


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Jan 11, 2010 9:49AM EST

gossip girl is like a fetish....if you dont like season 1 I can guarantee you wont like any other season...however it depends on the characters you may have been partial too....if you liked Chuck and Blair then you will love ALL of Gossip Girl because half way through season 1 and from then on it is practically about them and their lust filled if you didn't like them then there's no point watching (and if you did like them at all then give it a chance because it gets better in season 2)...particularly since you only watched 3 only starts to get interesting by the 7th episode but if your not the type to get drawn into a show because of the couples on the show then don't waste your time because the other story lines are very soap opera!
As for those who do watch (myself included) there's just something about Chuck Bass that keeps us coming back no matter how crap the story-lines are and I guarantee that 99% of GG fans will agree....?

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