Edelstein on A Late Quartet: Walken, Hoffman, and Keener Play Beautiful Music Together

Soap operas featuring musicians are in a different league than all the rest, if only because musicians’ emotions are apt — at least for the purposes of drama — to be right there on the surface. You can see them channeling their heartbreak, their fear, and sometimes even their rage into the music, pouring themselves into the notes while inside all is roiling chaos. When the music is Beethoven, late Beethoven, the late Beethoven quartets — among the most mysterious and inexhaustible pieces of music ever written — and the quartet members are embodied by the likes of Christopher Walken, Catherine Keener, Philip Seymour Hoffman, and the Ukrainian-Israeli actor Mark Ivanir, what the hell’s not to like? Artless filmmaking, predictability, a heavy hand? Piffle, on the scale of things. Overall, it’s a good movie. Read More....



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