America's Next Top Model 19.10 "The Girl Who Becomes Art for Tyra" Recap

Ding dong! The bitch is dead.

The reality villain is someone who can bring a lot of life into a season of television. That love-to-hate personality type may not be someone you'd want to have tea with on a Saturday morning, but when pitted against a cast that you don't like, it can make for incredibly compelling television to watch them try to mow down the entire field by themselves. However, they can easily wear out their welcome and become more of a hindrance on a season's enjoyment than an asset, particularly if they're more bark than bite or if their level of talent doesn't match up to their level of trash talk. Cycle 19 of Top Model finally decided to get rid of their villain tonight and I'll be the first to say: GOOD RIDDANCE. Read More...


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