Fringe 5.05 'An Origin Story' Review

Last night’s Fringe episode saw our team struggling to move forward after Etta’s death. While packing up some of their daughter’s belongings, Peter and Olivia receive a call from Anil, the leader of this chapter of the Resistance: not only had they captured an Observer, but they also retrieved a mysterious cube that was in his possession. Anil reveals that the invaders periodically open up a wormhole to their future that acts as a shipping lane to send technology back to 2036. The Observers need the components to complete their machines which will permanently alter the Earth’s atmosphere to better suit them, while reducing the human lifespan to about 45 years. Walter and Peter deduce that by destabilizing the wormhole on our end, it could theoretically create a black hole in the future and cause mass destruction. Peter, against the wishes of both Olivia and Walter, gives himself over to revenge; blinded by his need to avenge his daughter’s death and spurred on by their failure to destroy the shipping lane, Peter kills the captured Observer and inserts some strange piece of future-tech into his own head. Read More...


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