Grimm Season 2 “The Hour Of Death” Review – A New Grimm?

Grimm has always had a strong focus of Nick’s history and where his ancestors came from. Tonight,Grimm takes this theme a step further in "The Hour of Death" and shows what happens when one of the "old school" Grimms comes into town.

Nick and Hank investigate the disappearance of a young girl. While questioning a suspect, Nick discovers that he’s a wesen, just as the guy realizes that Nick is a Grimm. A chase ensues and Nick ends up taking the guy down and giving him a pretty decent bruise on his cheek. Once in a questioning room, the wesen has a problem with Nick and even as he’s being released calls Nick out and accuses him of threatening to kill him. To the wesen’s defense, Nick did tell him that he wouldn’t want to cross a person like Nick, but the guy did over react a little bit. Read More...


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