Fringe Season 5 Review “An Origin Story”

Watching people grieve on screen is always an interesting exercise. No matter how a character chooses to respond to the grief, audiences are tempted to feel for them and fall into lockstep with the character’s feelings. A lot of times in action shows, the grief will stay focused on one person as they either sit in their room and cry or reenact the movie Man on Fire. They can choose whatever option they wish because the audience will empathize with them.

It’s why tonight’s episode of Fringe was so very interesting to watch. It wasn’t a particularly spectacular piece of television, but boy was it fascinating to watch. Naturally, we spent most of our time with the grieving parents: Olivia struggled to keep it together. Peter channeled is inner Denzel for his massive (and hasty) Observer revenge plot. From the very beginning of the episode, the darkness in Peter is evident. He’s reckless, cold, and filled with rage. Typically, a show would make Peter’s revenge killings into some kind of catharsis porn. However, as the episode progresses, it’s tough not to realize that Peter’s actions only serve to continue to hurt his family. At this low point, Olivia needs him. Instead, Peter runs off to do some light torturing coupled with fun puzzle work. Read More...


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